Melita and Isaac met in a songwriters group in Berkeley and quickly discovered they had a lot in common - playing music in many of the same circles and in one case - even at the same pre-school!  Melita invited Isaac to sit in for a few concerts with her band, Octopretzel, and the 2 quickly realized they had a powerful blend in their harmonies and stage presence.  Since then they’ve gone on to create 2 different albums and perform many concerts together.  They have had numerous songs and albums distributed nationally through the PJ Library and their first album, My Roots Go Down, won a Parents Choice award for music in all genres.  The duo can be heard as featured artists streaming on PJ Library radio and is available for hire to lead concerts and shabbat services for both young people and grown-ups as well as wedding ceremonies.

Check out this story song from the new CD!

"When it comes to making incredible music, these two are truly as good as it gets!  Isaac and Melita have such a beautiful way of crafting sophisticated, yet intimate and touching melodies that transcend and touch the soul.  On and off the stage, the Jewish world is lucky to have the energy and spirit Isaac and Melita are broadcasting through their extraordinary music!”

- Rick Recht; Jewish musician, E.D. of Jewish Rock Radio and Songleader Boot Camp

“My family recently received your album, My Roots Go Down, via the PJ Library program.

We made a trip out to Shenandoah National Park for a spring break trip, and your album provided an absolutely perfect nature-based and Jewish-spiritual soundtrack for our road trip. All of the songs perfectly complimented the extraordinary scenery and natural beauty of the park, and we all sang along during our drive!  I'm an environmental lawyer by day (and strum my guitar on the weekends with the kids). Many of your songs will become a part of our repertoire.”                    

- Adam Siegal, Washington D.C.

I wanted to send you both deep gratitude for the musical presence you've had in mine and my daughter's life! I was driving her to school this morning and we were listening to your new CD, Rising Songs, Turning Tides. By the time I got to work I was still listening. It was so beautiful to hear your voices together, it brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you for continuing to share your talent and your joy with us. 

                                                                                                                        - Beth Freedman, San Francisco